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Tantra Devi

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VIP Exclusive Women for women, Tantra and CMT, Mature, Massage incall, Massage, Fetish and fantasy

Available in:
South Bay, Santa Cruz to Monterey, Sacramento, North Bay, East Bay, Contra Costa, Central Valley

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The Searcher, The Lover and Tantra

Welcome to a universe of Bliss and Passion. Where unwinding and relaxing in a warm tub soothes away (90m option only) from the outside world, allow for a memorable experience. My preference once you enter the temple of love is to allow me cater to your precious need. Do you thirst for more? We will connect deeply in every moment.


Do you hunger for a deeper, more passionate connection? Feed your soul, as you now are in my loving hands, inviting hazel eyes and warm organic oils to melt muscles under no rush style body to body and or barefoot shiatsu. Using Tantra ritual and mindfulness breath exercise; we share a quiet peace of mind in several segments through out our time together.

Surrender to Yin, Tantra with light restraints:

Shall I lead? I enjoy the lead immensely. I invite you to allow my inner Goddess to pamper and spank the God in you. Light restraints and sensual domination. Perfect to explore both sides of the inner you.

Goddess Guidance:

Are you ready to give to the Goddess? Prerequisite; email for details. Practice adoration and sensual touch that she craves; favorite and only invited in the multiple hour appointment only. I look forward to the times when we can linger forever at the moment.

The Searcher:

Do you crave a meaning to the day to day of your life? Are you a searcher? As a ACTE, an Advanced Teacher of Tantra principles and practices for the stressed out, or those who has a meditation practice; for the unsure, or those that know what Tantra means practice for modern lovers; for the brand new, or daily yoga practitioner; lets enjoy a moment of the Energy of Love.

Use email or my website virtual assistant for scheduling; CC deposit for discounts.

The Lover; About Devi:

Based in Santa Cruz Mountains, CA; I have smooth skin and real curves with shoulder length Auburn hair. Yes I am All natural from knees to shoulders. I do enjoy soul gazing with my deeply loving hazel eyes. A captivating warm smile invites you into a realm where feeling loved comes easily; I am a conscious eater and consumer. I recommend and teach White TantraYoga.

Thank you so much for reading and reaching out to me.

Use email or my website virtual assistant for schedule

About Your Session:

Lux Massage ~ soothing, relaxing. Start at 250 as a tribute, usually 50mins

Tantra Sessions exhilarating, explorative. Start at 330 as a tribute, usually 90mins

Fantasy Tie and Tease ~ for all levels, taboo. Start at 375 as a tribute, usually 75mins

Goddess Guidance ~ facilitated, practice. Starts at 777 as a tribute, usually up to 2 hours

In the Energy of Love,


The Tantra practices offered by Devi are a journey of transformation for couples and singles who desire an experience of expanded love. She welcomes you to explore the spiritual benefits of cultivating body wisdom, healthy desire, embodiment practices, energetic principles, and the deep edges of enlightenment. She specializes in "Love your Body Yoga" (Laya), Breathing with Meditation (Pranayama), and Sacred Spot Massage (Celebration of your Body Temple).